Chris Jericho Shares Remarkable Detail About His Run-In On AEW Dynamite


Kellie Haulotte,Feb. 10, 2023 12:21 am EST,1,740

On this week's episode of "AEW Dynamite," Ricky Starks was in a gauntlet match that included facing members of the Jericho Appreciation Society. During his match with Daniel Garcia, a "fan" in a mask in the front row nailed Starks with the Judas Effect. Garcia quickly rolled Starks into the ring and got the win. 

After the match, it was revealed that the masked "fan" was Chris Jericho, as Sammy Guevara and Garcia pretended to be shocked after Jericho's interference after which the three then hugged each other in the ring.

This evening, Jericho took to social media and commented about last night's plan and how long he was actually sitting in the crowd. "Now that the Ocho's out of the bag, I'll let you know that I sat down in that seat about 15 minutes before #AEWDynamite started last night ... and stayed there the whole time until I knocked out @starkybaby!! I'm a genius and I fooled you all," wrote Jericho.

Starks also commented last night about being attacked by Jericho: "This getting old. Fast. L."

In the gauntlet match, Starks defeated Cool Hand Ange and Matt Menard before falling to Daniel Garcia.

The feud between Starks and the Jericho Appreciation Society began last December after Starks decided to not join the stable and in the process made fun of them by calling them all "jobbers." The group attacked Starks, but he was later saved by Action Andretti, the young wrestler that shocked the world by defeating Jericho. Since then, JAS has been feuding with both Starks and Andretti.