Wheeler Yuta Discusses Future Of BCC Following William Regal's Exit


Colby Applegate,Dec. 6, 2022 11:35 am EST,596

The Blackpool Combat Club once had several titles in their faction as Jon Moxley was AEW World Champion, Claudio Castagnoli won his first ROH World title, and Wheeler Yuta held the ROH Pure Championship. After forming the faction upon his arrival in March, William Regal served as their manager until he turned on Moxley at Full Gear and cost him the AEW World title against MJF. With no gold and no manager, fans are left wondering what the future holds for the group.

"I think that there's definitely a regrouping, there's definitely gotta be a rebuilding," Yuta told Steve Fall on "Ten Count." "But I think it's time for whatever version, too, of what the Blackpool Combat Club's going to be. William Regal gave us plenty of wonderful advice and information, and it always seems like he's teaching us lessons even when turning on us, and maybe we should not trust some people."

Yuta believes they received all the wisdom that they could from Regal, and that now it's time for them to apply that knowledge. Though no longer associated with the veteran, those lessons don't just go away. Yuta believes ROH Final Battle will be a chance for them to turn things around as they seek to find that "edge" again.

"I certainly asked at every opportunity, and he would give me some great advice," Yuta said. "I think the biggest thing he always talks about is, it's a mindset. You always have to be focused on, 'You are a trained professional fighter and that guy across the ring from you is trying to take food out of your mouth.'" If Yuta had his hands in his pocket, Regal would run his finger across his throat to remind him to always be on his toes and on the lookout.